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Product Description

Phthalate-free, Multi-purpose & Multisurface floor protection mat for a variety of uses around the home - use under chairs, furniture, appliances, heavy furnishings, exercise equipment, or maybe just muddy shoes!

Product Specifications

•  Product Code
:   FB127512EVA
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Product Features

•  Tough and durable floor and surface protection for multiple applications around the home and office,
•  The ideal solution to protect from chair castor damage on hard flooring.
•  Stop food and drink from getting trodden in under occasional or dining tables.
•  Protect from dirty outdoor shoes and boots.
•  Great to catch spills and mess around pet feeding bowls and sleeping baskets.
•  Clear high quality vinyl allows your beautiful flooring to shine through.
•  Made with formulation free of harmful phthalates, tin, lead, cadmium or BPA.
•  Lightly textured top surface.
•  Rectangular with attractive rounded corners.
•  Manufacturers 2 Year Limited Warranty. 75 x 120cm. Clear

Additional Product Media

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