Product Description

Personalise your workspace with Quartet Customizable Infinity Boards. Print a unique background and insert it between the glass panels to create a one-of-a-kind whiteboard. Perfect for patient charts, nurse#s stations, and signage in a store or restaurant

Product Specifications

•  Product Code
:   GI8511
•  Frame Finish
:   Framless
•  Magnetic
:   Magnetic
•  Screen Size
:   215 x 279mm (8.5x1'
•  Surface
:   Glass
•  Colour
:   Clear/Silver

Product Features

•  Create unique signs, charts and more with a personalised Quartet board
•  Print custom artwork at home or a print shop and insert for instant use
•  Easily erase writing from the non-absorbent Quartet glass surface
•  Express ideas again and again on a clear board that will not stain or ghost
•  Elevate your space with modern style using our frameless Quartet glass
•  Made to withstand heavy use, Quartet glass resists scratches and dents
•  Use magnets to post documents on the steel-backed surface
•  Comes with accessory tray, 1 marker and 2 high-power glass board magnets

Additional Product Media

•  Specification Sheet
:   Download
•  Hi-Res Image