Product Description

Magnetic glass dry-erase boards provide long term durability with a modern aesthetic appeal. The glass surface will not stain, ghost, scratch or dent despite heavy use, and dry-erase markers glide evenly over the board surface for smooth writing.

Product Specifications

•  Product Code
:   QTG3624W
•  Frame Finish
:   Frameless
•  Magnetic
:   Yes
•  Screen Size
:   900x600mm
•  Surface
:   Glass
•  Warranty Period
:   15 years

Product Features

•  Tempered glass, magnetic dry-erase board will not stain or ghost
•  Magnetic quality allows secure hanging of papers from surface with rare earth magnets
•  Ideal for heavy use in spaces with regular traffic
•  Frameless board design blends seamlessly into any environment
•  Board is easy to install with included pass-through mounting hardware
•  Hang vertically or horizontally
•  Includes marker tray
•  Write on white glass surface with any color dry-erase markers
•  Multiple board sizes available

Additional Product Media

•  Specification Sheet
:   Download
•  Hi-Res Image